Football Intermediary Association

About FIA

The Football Intermediary Association, or FIA for short, is the official body of football intermediaries and officiators of the courses, programmes, and events for helping and teaching those wanting to become football intermediaries. With the change of legislation in 2015, anyone can train to become a football intermediary, creating the opportunity to supply great training to anyone who wants to become a football intermediary. Due to the lack of regulation or official associations, the FIA was created to help and assist professional education in this industry. 

Do you want to become a football intermediary? Through the assistance of some of the most experienced individuals working in the industry, the FIA can help you achieve this. The FIA has trained over 500 delegates to date, and you can learn about the Football Intermediary industry through the FIA’s online Football Intermediary Certificate courseThe FIA Football Intermediary Certificate course is online, so you can learn at the time that best suits you. The FIA has trained many students to become successful football intermediaries, earning high wages and enjoying high job satisfaction. 


This course has been created by a whole host of experienced football intermediaries who know exactly what it takes to become successful in this area. This course provides you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a football intermediary. Constantly refreshed so that it is always up-to-date and contemporary, we strive to ensure you stay engaged on our course by utilising animations and quizzes throughout.

Career Opportunities

For many, becoming a Football Agent or Football Intermediary is a lifelong dream, especially for those who have always been interested in the sport, and the business side of football. These courses are perfect for those wanting to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in this profession. 

Regardless of if you are starting out in the industry, or are looking to enhance your current skills, this course will still be valuable to improving your career. Studying the FIA Football Intermediary Certificate course is a wise choice to kick-start your career in Football. After completion, you will be skilled and knowledgeable enough to apply for jobs as football agents.

Which certification 

Are you looking to become a Football Intermediary? We offer an exclusive training course, to help you gain the skills needed to become a successful Football Intermediary:

For new footballers starting out in professional football, gaining the help of a football agent, also known as a Football Intermediary, is necessary to support them with their careers.

The FIA Football Intermediary Certificate course will supply you with everything you need to become competent and successful as a football agent, helping footballers achieve their dreams of becoming a successful professional footballer. This course will be taught through 16 in-depth modules, covering all the topics within the business side of the sport, like the transfer window, and how to process a deal, for example.  

How to get certified

Do you want to become a football intermediary? Talk to our Football Intermediary Course Consultants, who are more than happy to give you any advice and assist you in launching your Football Intermediary career!

We are excited to welcome you onto our course as you take the first step towards becoming a trained and certified Football Intermediary!