CeMAP Module 1 Classroom

CeMAP Module 1 Classroom
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual02-11-2020 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual23-11-2020 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual04-01-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual01-02-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual01-03-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual12-04-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual10-05-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual07-06-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual05-07-2021 5 Days£575
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CeMAP® 1: UK Financial RegulationsVirtual02-08-2021 5 Days£575
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What is the CeMAP® Module 1 Classroom Course

‘Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice’ (CeMAP®) qualifications are highly regarded in the Mortgage Advice sector and demonstrate a mark of excellence for anyone who holds one. By earning these qualifications, it enables you to legally provide financial advice on a range of mortgage products, options and services. In the UK, 80% of Mortgage Advisers are CeMAP® certified; proving that this qualification has become the benchmark to developing a successful career as a professional in this sector.

Mortgages in the UK are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so it is important to become certified and earn your ‘licence to practice’ before you begin working in this field. Accredited by Ofqual and awarded by the London Institute of Banking & Finance, you’ll be awarded with an RQF Level 3 qualification upon successful completion of your CeMAP® training. 

Our CeMAP® Module 1 course will provide you with the essential knowledge needed to start a career as a Mortgage Advisor, including:

  •  The Financial Services Environment and Products
  •  UK Financial Services and Regulation 

To complete the CeMAP® Module 1 course, it is compulsory that you attend the 5-day training class*. During your lessons, you’ll be supported by a qualified and accredited trainer who will guide you through the syllabus, and our small class sizes provide you with the opportunity to resolve any queries you may have on topics you find challenging to grasp.    

All students who enrol on this CeMAP® Module 1 training course will be given:

  •  6 months access to the eLearning course materials
  •  6 months unlimited tutor support (mentors are available 24/7 should you need additional help on any topics you find difficult to understand)

In order to become fully qualified and work as a professional Mortgage Adviser, you’ll also need to complete the CeMAP® Module 2 & 3 qualification.

Is the CeMAP® training course right for me?  

If you want to pursue a career as a Mortgage Advisor and enjoy studying as part of group, then the CeMAP® Classroom training would be more suitable for you. We also provide you with the option to complete the course online via our CeMAP® Module 1 Online Course if this is your preferred way of learning.  


There are no prerequisites to enrol on the CeMAP® Module 1 classroom course. Anyone can sign up; however, it is advantageous for students to have basic maths skills and be proficient in verbal and written English.  

Where could this CeMAP® qualification take me next?

Now is the best time to start training towards a career as a Mortgage Adviser as there is currently a skills gap in the market. Once you have completed and passed CeMAP® Module 1 (as well as earned your full accreditation by studying the CeMAP® Module 2 & 3 qualification), you can begin to work as a professional, and apply for Mortgage Advisor and Protection Advisor roles, as well as opt to work in public / private Banking sectors.

The average UK salary for Mortgage Advisers is £30k* per year with the potential to receive £50k+ when taking commission into account. With increased experience, you can look to take on more senior roles at a managerial level which can see your earning potential increase even further. 

Other job roles include:

  •  Private Banking Assistant – £33k
  •  Relationship Support Assistant – £33k
  •  Protection Advisor – £50k
  •  Business Owner – Mortgage Advisor – £30-£55k+ 

*Source: Indeed

Why Choose to study with us?

As well as being the leading provider of CeMAP® training in the UK, we have: 

  •  An average pass success of 93%
  •  The best price for CeMAP® training anywhere in the UK, guaranteed!
  •  High-quality training experience with professional and accredited trainers
  •  In-class exams and mock exams to prepare you
  •  Unlimited Tutor Support
  •  Interest-free payment options

CeMAP® Course Syllabus 

The CeMAP® Module 1 course consists of 2 units:

  •  Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
  •  UK Financial Services and Regulation 

These units will focus on enhancing your knowledge in the following areas: 

  •  Review and understand the Data Protection Act 1998 and the FCA regulations and its conduct of business rule
  •  Learn about key legal concepts and how they apply to all advice you give to clients
  •  Understand UK legislation and regulation
  •  Discover the essential terms and rules of UK taxation and social security systems
  •  Learn how to handle compensation claims and general complaints
  •  Understand interest rates volatility and how they will affect customers with a mortgage, such as the fluctuation of interest rates and the impact on affordability and acceptance for mortgages

CeMAP® Exam 

Due to the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic, Pearson Vue Centres are undergoing changes to their examination schedules. To find out more about the current situation, please visit the dedicated Pearson Vue Coronavirus update page.

The CeMAP® Module 1 exam is a 2-hour objective exam made up of 100 multiple-choice questions. It will test your knowledge on UK Financial Regulation (UKFR), including:

  •  Unit 1 – Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
  •  Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation 

The exam fee is £185, and you can apply for the exam anytime throughout the year.

You will be required to sit your exam at a Pearson VUE test centre (150 nationwide). All CeMAP® exams are registered with Ofqual, in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

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