CeMAP Paper 2 & 3

CeMAP Paper 2 & 3
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Take your career in mortgage advice to the next level, and further your knowledge already achieved through the completion of the first paper, in this comprehensive papers 2 and 3 course that will lead to acquiring complete knowledge of CeMAP. Enhance your expertise and ensure you are fully prepared to hold the ‘license to practise’ that you require to become a professional mortgage adviser.

A Key Role in the Mortgage Process

Whether you’re a homeowner or not, you will understand that the role of the mortgage adviser is a crucial one. Without a professional on hand to explain all the rules, details and complicated small print, the homebuying process can be a confusing, and daunting, one. Join the team of expert mortgage adviser and provide a vital service to homebuyers, to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. After successful passing of the CeMAP qualification, you will have the choice of joining one of the many practising firms, or fly solo as a self-employed independent adviser – the choice is yours!

Study with the Best, at your Own Pace

The course is delivered solely online, with access 24/7. With plenty of time available, you will be able to fully get to grips with the course material and complete each module to the best of your ability. As a course, CeMAP is a necessity for anyone wishing to practise as a mortgage advisor. By completing the full CeMAP qualification, you will be following the study path of industry leaders – 80% of mortgage advisers boast the CeMAP proficiency, and you could be one of them in next to no time!

To become a professional Mortgage Adviser, you need to hold a qualification approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). CeMAP is an FCA approved qualification awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and £175 per paper additional fees are payable to them in order to sit the exams and achieve this qualification.


  • A perfect follow-up to the CeMAP® 2014: Paper 1 module, this course would be ideal for anyone continuing with their studies to become a recognised and fully proficient mortgage adviser. Kill two birds with one stone, with this two-in-one course that will help you to reach your goals in a more convenient package.
  • Get to grips with mortgage law, practise, policy and markets. Learn more about the whole home buying process and the pivotal role that the mortgage adviser holds from start to finish. Also learn about mortgage products and rates, valuations and surveys and any up-to-date legislation that may be connected.
  • Understand gazumping and gazundering, and the implications that these can have on the homebuyer.
  • Learn about what can affect the value of a property and any implications that this may have on the homebuyer.
  • Understand the importance of planning consent in relation to extensions and property development.
  • Have a firm grasp of interest rates and mortgage repayment options, and be confident in relaying these to the homebuyer in layman’s terms. Understand the various insurance options that are also linked.
  • Learn how a mortgage can be transferred and the implications that non-payment and breach of contract can have upon the consumer.
  • Apply your knowledge to realistic scenarios, to help you to prepare yourself for the kinds of inquiries you will face in the real world.
  • Ensure that your practices adhere to the ethical and regulatory frameworks at all times.
  • Build your confidence and learn how to apply your knowledge to individual cases to provide the best solutions possible.


  • Gradually work through this combination course, which includes the two final papers from CeMAP® 2014 courseware. Together with paper 1 it covers all the required modules.
  • Become a professional mortgage adviser, with all the skills and expertise required to join an established firm, or choose to become an independent mortgage adviser.
  • Give your CV the boost it needs, with some career-specific essential knowledge of CeMAP®.
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that this course is set by an industry leader providing the very latest and best training to students.
  • Build on the confidence that you gained from completing Paper 1 and boost your knowledge of the subject areas.

What are you waiting for? Finish what you started and become fully proficient with CeMAP, at your own pace and convenience.

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CeMap Paper 2 & 3
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