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About eToro

Ever since its establishment, eToro has been working hard in changing the traditional money management industry, to ensure financial markets are accessible to all people, at all times. 

Established in 2007, eToro has always had the vision of ensuring the financial markets of the world would be open to all people so they can invest easily and clearly. The easy-to-use platform helps individuals invest in any assets they would like to invest in, from stocks and commodities to cryptoassets. As well as investing in assets, users can also buy, hold and sell assets, monitor their portfolio in real-time, and transact easily and simply, wherever they are, whenever is best for them.

eToro, the multi-asset investment platform known worldwide, has teamed up with us to create an innovative and exciting partnership providing a fully funded course to individuals wanting to understand how the financial markets work, and how to trade in them. If you are interested in trading stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and crypto-assets and want an organised programme to understand it in more detail, this would be the course for you.

This course comprises eLearning, mentoring from eToro’s trading experts, and one-to-one workshops, helping you gain a deeper understanding of trading. 

We have a long history of helping our students grow in their careers and progress in their lives. As well as providing qualifications, we also have a firm belief that everyone should be knowledgeable about how best to get ready for your future through training. This is one of the primary reasons why we have joined forces with eToro, to help train those who want to learn to trade, at no expense. 

We have created this course to be completely flexible, so the course can be taken at any time, wherever you may be. As well as this, the non-compulsory parts of the courses like the face-to-face workshops can be rescheduled depending on when the learner will be free. Webinar recordings will also be made available if you are unable to participate in the live webinar.

With over 12 million members, many users use the eToro platform to trade in a wide range of different sectors, from stocks and Forex to cryptoassets.

eToro is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, by the European Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, making this a safe and secure platform for trading.


Gain in-depth knowledge of eToro trading from our fully-funded course, which would normally cost £1995. 

There are no requirements for you to join this course, allowing you to become a financial trader regardless of your education. 

This course will be taught by an eToro market expert, who has over 10 years of trading experience under his belt, and an in-depth encyclopedic knowledge of risk management and market analysis. 

Made from a mixture of eLearning, mentoring, webinars, workshops, and the Exclusive Access Events, the courses offered to help you learn the course material much easier and enable you to network with your peers in the financial trading world. 

Career Opportunities

As a leader and one of the main proponents in the Fintech industry for over 10 years, eToro is the largest social trading network in the world, with millions of users and a range of different trading and investment tools. Due to the new eToro learning programme, you can gain the knowledge and skills to start trading in the financial investing world. 

Are you interested in learning about Forex, Bitcoin, or Stocks? This course covers it all, as you will learn the most recent trading knowledge, enabling you to trade confidently. 

With new technologies causing an increase in the need for a multi-asset platform such as eToro, now is a great time to learn about the world of financial trading. 

No matter your prior knowledge on the stock markets, whether you are well versed in trading, or don’t know how it works, want to concentrate on one aspect like bitcoin, or understand the full scope of financial markets, this course would be the perfect choice for you. 

You will be supported throughout this course, giving you the knowledge, skills, and belief to help you trade. 

Interested? There are limited free enrolments on this course monthly, so talk to us today, and we will let you know our availability.

Which certification 

We provide the below course:

Become an expert in trading with our eToro Financial Trading course. Get the knowledge and skills to trade competently. 

Gain practical skills and knowledge to get started.

How to get certified

Interested? Our friendly Course Consultants are on hand to answer all questions you may have. Get in touch today and we can talk through your options to find the perfect fit.

We are excited to welcome you onto our financial trading course with eToro!