Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ISO 18404 - Virtual Classroom

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ISO 18404 - Virtual Classroom
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What is the Lean Six Sigma Training – Green Belt (Virtual Classroom) course?

The Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) Training Certification accredited by CEPAS, (a Bureau Veritas company) is a globally recognised qualification in accordance with the ISO 18404:2015 certification.

Being trained to the ISO 18404:2015 standard in Lean Six Sigma will show employers that you meet the highest standard in Lean Six Sigma. Candidates who hold Lean Six Sigma qualifications are highly sought-after by many organisations as they are specially trained to help businesses save costs, improve efficiency, reach business solutions as well as ensure greater customer satisfaction while implementing quality control processes.

Lean Six Sigma is made up of two approaches: Lean Management and Six Sigma. The Lean methodology focuses on maximising customer value and the reduction of wasted resources. Six Sigma on the other hand, is a method that demonstrates how a business can continue to reduce process and product variation through a defined project approach.   

Together, Lean Six Sigma has proven to be a successful methodology and is used by many organisations around the world. Not only does it help businesses reduce costs, it also helps them to achieve business retention, improve staff morale as well as increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 18404:2015 is the international standard for both Lean and Six Sigma which defines the management systems requirements for successfully managing and utilising the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, as well as the necessary competencies for individuals and businesses implementing the two approaches in their projects.

This five-day training course has been designed to teach you the core skills and techniques that make up the Lean Six Sigma methodology to enable you to pass the Lean Six Sigma exam and confidently implement your new-found knowledge within your organisation’s projects.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  •    List the basic tools and principles that underlie the Lean Six Sigma improvement model
  •    Identify opportunities to improve a process
  •    Define project improvement goals
  •    Identify how to plan for and conduct data collection to uncover root causes
  •    Describe how to verify root causes of process issues
  •    List how to implement simple but effective improvement techniques and concepts
  •    Identify how to sustain the gain of process improvements 

Once you have obtained your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you can move on to achieve your Black Belt qualification. 

Is the Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) course right for me?

In gaining your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will be equipped with the skills and techniques needed to be able to confidently improve the quality and processes within an organisation.  


There are no prerequisites to start studying this five-day Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) Training course.

The first two training days will recap the topics learned from Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in more detail, while the last three days of training focus on Green Belt. (If you have already achieved your Yellow Belt qualification within the past 3 years, you have the option to skip the first two days of training).  

What jobs could I get with the Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) qualification?

Job roles available to individuals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualifications include:

  •    Operating System Specialist - £48k
  •    Warehouse Operations Manager - £45k
  •    Operational Excellence Manager - £39k
  •    Continuous Improvement Manager - £32k
  •    Reliability Engineer - £32k

(Source: Glassdoor) 

Why choose to study with us?

  •    Gain the only Lean Six Sigma Certification meeting the global ISO 18404:2015 standard
  •    Training materials are accredited by CEPAS, a Bureau Veritas company
  •    Become a professional published on the CEPAS public register
  •    Be trained to the ISO 18404:2015 standard in Lean Six Sigma
  •    Our trainers use materials which are heavily weighted towards Leans modern day requirements and not the dated heavy statistical analysis, allowing a practical approach to implementing methodologies
  •    Discounts for corporate clients with volume requirements
  •    We can develop bespoke training, meeting your business requirements
  •    ISO 18404:2015 made simple and affordable
  •    We offer a price match guarantee and interest-free payment plans are available
  •    Mock exams, exams and certifications are all included in the price
  •    Courses are delivered by industry experts, with training experience 

Course Details

What are the Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) course topics?

Day 1

  •    Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals
  •    What is Lean Six Sigma?
  •    Process Flow and Value Stream Mapping
  •    Muda, Mura and Muri – The three diseases of Processes
  •    The Seven Wastes
  •    Voice of the Customer (VoC) and CTQs
  •    Cost of Poor Quality
  •    Fundamentals Quiz

Day 2

  •    Define Phase
  •    Problem Definition
  •    Project Selection
  •    Business Case
  •    Project Charter
  •    Measure Phase
  •    Project Discovery
  •    Six Sigma Statistics
  •    Measurement System Analysis
  •    Process Capability

Day 3

  •    Analyse Phase
  •    Inferential Statistics
  •    Correlation and Regression Analysis
  •    Analyse Phase Quiz

Day 4

  •    Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  •    Improve Phase
  •    Lean Tools for Improvement
  •    Implementation Strategies for Improvements
  •    Control Phase
  •    Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  •    Control Charts
  •    Improve and Control Phases Quiz
  •    Mock exams

 Day 5

  •    DoE (Design of Experiments)
  •    Revision and Rework of Mock Exam Questions
  •    Exam

Lean Six Sigma Exams

This training course includes the Yellow Belt and Green Belt exams.

Your skills, knowledge and key competencies from the Yellow and Green Belt training, will be tested and verified through these exams, as defined by the ISO 18404:2015.

Yellow Belt Exam details

  •    Online, Proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    32 questions
  •    Closed book
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    30-minute duration
  •    75% pass mark 

Green Belt Exam details

  •    Online, Proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    40 questions
  •    Closed book
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    40-minute duration
  •    75% pass mark

1 Free Examination resit is included in the price.

Provisional exam results are provided immediately, and official exam results are provided within 5 working days.

We recommend taking the CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam within the first 6 weeks after your course completion date. 

Please note there is an Annual Maintenance and Recertification cost, which varies by location. Green Belt Annual Maintenance cost ranges from £20-£36. Green Belt Recertification cost ranges from £52-£89 and occurs every 5 years.

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