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Microsoft is one of the big tech companies that have an impressive reputation. Over four decades, Microsoft has worked towards improving general living through the use of innovative technology. Whether it be for personal or business applications, Microsoft has a lot to offer. Individuals that acquire one of their qualifications will be internationally recognised. Along with, showing potential employers that they possess the necessary Microsoft knowledge needed for any role. Upon successful completion of a Microsoft course, graduates will exhibit a competitive advantage when pursuing their desired role. 

Microsoft and its products are used globally, on an industrial scale. They are constantly perfecting their products and services to push innovation in the computing world. Some fields they focus on include universal desktop applications, technical business software solutions, cloud-computing infrastructure, and more.

Throughout the job market, individuals that have obtained a Microsoft certificate are in high demand. This is due to Microsoft applications being used widely in many industries and their qualifications are greatly respected. Individuals looking to showcase their understanding of the industry, along with those looking to advance their current skillset of Microsoft products would benefit greatly from the courses offered.       


Internationally accepted qualification - Microsoft has a high reputation around the globe for its innovative technological solutions and products during the last 40+ years. Thus, certified professionals are highly valued for their skills and knowledge when using Microsoft products.

Tailored courses - With many courses to choose from that meet the requirements of all individuals skill levels, studying a Microsoft qualification has many advantages. For those wanting to gain a Microsoft Office Specialist certification showcasing their excel skills, interested in becoming a Windows Desktop Specialist, or a DevOps Engineer, should consider the courses offered.    

Improve career progression - All Microsoft certifications are in high demand by employers, at all experience levels. It provides a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for roles that use Microsoft products. Along with, showing an employer your motivation to learn and interest in computer software.

Create your own timetable - Depending on whether you want to learn in a virtual classroom environment or online, both options are available. The options allow for complete control throughout the course when choosing your desired learning schedule. Perfect for those with other commitments that want to fit studying around their current lifestyle.  

Career Opportunities

In every sector, you will find businesses using Microsoft products. Therefore, individuals that are certified with Microsoft show their valuable I.T. knowledge and skills. With Microsoft’s large range of products, individuals that have acquired advanced knowledge of Microsoft software are highly sought after. Many have a basic understanding of Microsoft products but lack in-depth knowledge. Thus, showing the importance of gaining a qualification that sets professionals above other applicants. For example, admins, data analysts, and other roles that applicants apply for would benefit greatly from a Microsoft course.

After completing one Microsoft qualification, your educational journey doesn’t stop there. Build upon your knowledge with advanced certifications that will ensure career progression. Innovation is at the forefront of Microsoft's vision to deliver new products. Therefore, a qualification from them shows your interest in the development of technology.

Good knowledge of I.T. is always sought-after by employers. Receiving a Microsoft certification ensures to show your ability when applying or progressing in your career. When learning new skills or building upon your current ones, you can expect employers to notice. All Microsoft products cater to the current job market. Therefore, a qualification will boost your CV and help fast-track career progression.       


Which certification

From 2020, Microsoft has expressed that multiple of their qualifications are beneficial for professionals in the IT sector. The most common roles in this field that see advantages include:

  •  Developer
  •  Administrator
  •  Software Architect
  •  Data Engineer
  •  Data Scientist
  •  AI Engineer
  •  DevOps Engineer
  •  Security Engineer
  •  Functional Consultant

However, Microsoft qualifications also provide advantages to other roles in many industries.

Courses offered by us from Microsoft consist of:

How to get certified

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